Best Restaurants in Brookfield, CT!

One of our readers asked… What’s the Best Restaurant in Brookfield, Connecticut? So we did some digging – by digging, we really mean eating to answer this one! Of all the Brookfield CT Restaurants we tried – Agora Restaurant & Bar in Brookfield was #1.

Everything was good at Agora’s!

Agora has what many other Brookfield Restaurants didn’t… a beautiful patio!

best pizza in brookfield connecticut
Best Pizza in Brookfield, CT!

Best Pizza in Brookfield, CT!

Hands down the Best Pizza in Brookfield, Connecticut! Agora’s has very thin pizza crust with plentiful toppings and a truly delicious taste. They have over 20 signature pies to choose from.

We tried many different pizza places in Brookfield and here’s how we ranked them:

Why is Agora’s the Top Restaurant in Brookfield?

3 Factors made Agora Restaurant & Bar stand out from all the other restaurants in Brookfield…

#1: Outdoor Eating: In midst of COVID-19, a patio the most important ranking factor.

Agora Restaurant & Bar had two large outdoor patios. Their newest Patio has a roof! There’s no other place to eat in Brookfield with this good of a setup.

Here’s the other Restaurants Ranked from Best Patio to Least:

  1. Agora Restaurant & Bar
  2. Down the Hatch
  3. Maggie McFly’s Brookfield
  4. Market Place Tavern – Brookfield
Market Place Tavern – Good Patio, but on Federal Road…

#2: Pizza: = Pizza Lovers. Pizza quality is the #2 ranking factor for us.

  1. Agora Restaurant & Bar (Best Pizza in Brookfield!)
  2. Urban Pizza
  3. Pulcinella Wood-Fired Pizza
  4. Pizzeria Bello
  5. John’s Best
  6. Pieology Pizza
  7. Mangia Mangia Pizza & Restaurant
  8. La Familia Pizza & Pasta of Brookfield

La Familia Pizza & Pasta of Brookfield really doesn’t deserve 8th place on the list. It’s very far from the pack! Sorry La Familia, but we’ve got to be honest!

#3 Drinks: You’ve got to have a good selection of drinks. Your Brookfield Bar’s Drink Menu needs to spot on to be considered for this list!

We”ll leave this up the audience! Who do you think has the Best Drink Menu in Brookfield, CT?

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